What is a small group?
A small group is a great place to know people at Crossroads, grow in Christ, and share the love of Christ with others. The focus of the small group meeting is to apply the weekend message (whatever the pastor spoke about) to our lives.

What if I don’t know anything about the Bible?
That’s fine! The group is structured so everyone can participate, and you will find yourself learning as you go along. The emphasis of a small group is application of the Bible. You won’t have to read aloud or pray aloud if you do not choose to do so. Just come and enjoy!

What’s a small group like?
Group meetings vary somewhat from week to week, because we don’t want to get into a rut. A meeting typically opens with a fun icebreaker question, and then we worship briefly by reading the Bible and praying. During most of the meeting, we discuss how to apply the Bible to our lives. We pray for one another and make plans to reach out to others. And we often snack before, during, and after the meeting!

But small groups don’t just stay in living rooms! Sometimes the group holds a fun social event, such as eating out together. And small groups regularly reach out in loving service, i.e. to serve food at a local mission, or to paint a neighbor’s living room.

How do I find a small group to try?
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