It’s time for breakthrough!

ConnectUp offers Personal Prayer Ministry to individuals seeking healing, freedom, and strengthening in their connection with God.

What can I expect?

ConnectUp is a prayer ministry. Personal sessions include prayer focused on healing of the heart, freedom from oppression, and personal encounter with God. We are focused on inner healing and deliverance ministry through prayer and do not offer counseling services. 

The ministry team will consist of two‐to‐three people. One of them will lead the session and the others will be praying for the session. Each of the team members have had their own ministry session, received training on ministering to others and participated in a mentoring process. Anything shared during the ministry process will be held with utmost respect.

Your participation is an important part of a ConnectUp session. The Team Leader will be praying for you out loud and will invite you to participate in the session by asking you questions, and/or inviting you to pray specific prayers to God. As part of the ConnectUp ministry session, you may be invited to pray prayers such as: “Is there anyone I need to forgive?” “Is there a lie I have believed?” “What is the truth?”

How can I request an appointment with the ConnectUp ministry?

Complete the online form to request a prayer ministry appointment. Once your form is received, a member of our team will contact you to schedule your personal ministry appointment.