Crossroads’ equipping track is designed as a path to follow as you grow closer with God. The order shown is the recommended sequence; however each segment can be taken in any order desired.

Next Step

This less-than-one-hour session is the first step to take if you’re new to Crossroads. Learn more about the church, how to connect with Following Jesus (membership class), a small group, as well as growth and serving opportunities.

Following Jesus

Following Jesus is the fundamental class of Crossroads Church. Learn how to pray, worship, understand the Bible, deal with temptation, put Jesus first, share your faith, serve other people, etc. At the end of the class you may join Crossroads Church if you so desire.

  • 9 weeks
  • Required for membership
  • If a scheduling conflict arises, you can make-up a few classes online
Visit a Life Group

Life groups are the core of Crossroads’ ministry. A life group (formerly called small group) is a great place to know people at Crossroads, grow in Christ, and share the love of Christ with others. The focus of the life group meeting is to apply the weekend message (whatever the pastor spoke about) to our lives.

Encounter Retreat

Experience this life-changing, 26 hour retreat. Over 1000 Crossroaders have been on this retreat, and it’s an amazing weekend of experiencing God’s love and power.

Making Disciples 1

Making Disciples 1 is a five week session that helps you learn how to make disciples for Jesus, whether or not you want to be a small group leader. This course is open to everyone, and it is required for group leaders.

Calling Lab

Calling Lab helps you identify your calling through your gifts, passions, and story.

Making Disciples 2

Making Disciples 2 is a six week session that helps you learn how to make disciples through leading a small group. This course is open to small group leaders and apprentices.

Pre-requisite: Apprentices who have completed Group Leader Training 1 or Making Disciples 1.

Movement Makers Discipleship Intensive

In this 9 week experience, you will explore your identity in Christ, what it means to be a disciple, and get practical tools to bring the hope of Jesus through disciple-making relationship to others.

Each relationally packaged session will stretch you to grow in a way that deepens your love for Jesus and your obedience to His teaching. Together, we will experience the bedrock of discipleship principles that will grow and advance the Kingdom of Heaven!