Are you engaged or planning to get married? In pre-marital counseling, we will take time to reflect on your relationship as well as give you some tools that will help to build a healthy relationship so you experience the joys and face the challenges of a lifelong marriage, and we’ll have some fun doing it!

Pre-marital counseling is a requirement for all couples who are getting married at Crossroads or at another location by one of our pastors.

To get further details, please contact Kathy Parton at or 412-494-9999.

We look forward to partnering with you as you prepare for your marriage.


Premarital counseling is $251.50 and covers the counseling, assessment, and materials.

Once the building and pastor are verified to be available, a building fee of $200 is required to reserve your date.

Additional costs for a wedding at West are suggested $150 pastor honorarium, $150 for sound technician, $75 for facility clean up, and $150 for wedding coordinator.

Additional costs for a wedding at South and Ohio Valley are suggested $150 for pastor honorarium, $75 for facility clean up, and $100 for sound technician (if needed).

The $200 building fee and the $251.50 counseling fee payment should be made out to Crossroads Church and can be mailed to Crossroads Church 1000 Crossroads Drive, Oakdale, PA 15071 (if paying by check). All other fees are cash only to appropriate individuals due on the rehearsal date.


Click the button below to fill out a form to find out more information. Please fill out only one form per couple.

Please contact the church office for any additional questions.