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2. Party with Purpose
August 14, 2022

The goal of our group is to multiply a healthy group through disciple-making. 

A disciple is one who loves and obeys Jesus.


  • What’s your favorite party game? 
  • How have you experienced God’s love this week? 

Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to us as we read Matthew 9:9-13

  • What does this story tell you about our perceptions versus God’s viewpoint?
  • The Pharisees model a judgmental attitude. How do you think it impacts others when they feel judged by those in the church? 
  • What attitudes and actions do you think are important to reach those who don’t follow Jesus? 
  • What ways have you seen God work in and through your life regardless of your shortcomings? 
  • Share the names of 1-3 people who you would like to invite to worship and/or group for our invitation series, “The Big Questions” starting on September 18. What would make this a welcoming group for them? 
  • The most important thing we can do for others to experience God’s love is to pray for them. Take turns praying for the people on your list! 

Plan a Party to invite friends in advance of the new series beginning September 18! 


Family Circle

Worship Song: 1,000 Names

Read Hebrews 8 together.


Can you think of one way that God was faithful to his special family, the Israelites? 

How has God been faithful to our family?

This week, write down prayer requests on a white board or sticky notes, where your whole family can access them. As you see prayers answered, celebrate how God has been faithful in that way.