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Birth of Hope
1. Right Place, Right Time
December 3, 2023

This group exists to make disciples who love and obey Jesus.
The goal of our group is to multiply another healthy group! 

Connect with God and each other. 

  • What special Christmas activities are you looking forward to this year? 
  • How have you experienced God blessing you or someone you know lately? 
  • Take turns praying for needs in the group. Have one briefly share how we can pray for them, and another pray a simple, honest prayer. 

Discover what God is saying to you. 

Read Acts 16:25-34 

  • What part of this story stands out to you?  
  • Read verses 31-34. What do these verses tell us was the catalyst for the jailer’s household making their own professions of faith?
  • How did Paul and Silas’s selfless choices change the outcome of the jailer’s life? 
  • How does this inspire you to make the most of your current network of relationships?
  • When have you been in the right place at the right time to share Jesus’ hope with someone? 
  • Share ideas for how you can intentionally create opportunities to bless someone. 

 Go do it!  

  • Think of someone in your network of relationships who is open to Jesus (person of peace) that you can invite to come with you Christmas? 
  • Create a list of people we are inviting and commit to asking God to prepare their hearts for our invitations.  

Reminder: To receive daily texts throughout the Advent season, text HOPE to 412-910-1991.