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Saved and Sent
July 3, 2022

The goal of our group is to multiply a healthy group through disciple-making.  A disciple is one who loves and obeys Jesus.


  • Share a high and low from this past week. 
  • How have you heard and obeyed God recently?
  • Who have you missed seeing at group lately? Make a plan to reach out to them.

    Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to us as we read Acts 1:1-8.

    • What stands out to you in this passage
    • Why do you think Jesus emphasizes the importance of waiting for the Holy Spirit
    • Do you tend to run ahead of God’s plans, do you wait and listen for God’s complete instructions, or do you fail to act at all
    • How does knowing you are empowered by the Holy Spirit encourage you?
    • Spend some time brainstorming ways to reach others for the Kingdom of God. Write down these ideas, pray over them, then choose one or two to act on. 


    Family Circle

    Get excited for KidzXP with this song!
    Worship Song: How Marvelous You Are

    Read Matthew 6:5-14.

    • How did Jesus teach his disciples how to pray? 
    • What can we learn from that?