Questions Jesus Asked
2. “Why Do You Call Me, Lord, Lord Yet Do Not Do What I Say?”
February 25, 2024

This group exists to make disciples who love and obey Jesus.
The goal of our group is to multiply another healthy group! 

    Week 2: “Why Do You Call Me Lord, Lord Yet Do Not Do What I Say?” 

    Big Idea: To follow Jesus is to obey Him. Obeying Jesus opens the door to Kingdom living. 

    Connect with God and each other. (1/3 of meeting)

    • Icebreaker: What cringe-worthy fashion trend did you participate in? 
    • What are you thankful for? What’s stressing you out? 
    • How did it go with your action step from last week? 
    • Pray a Psalm together, having each person slowly read a verse of Psalm 24. Then have one person pray, asking that we would be responsive to the Holy Spirit’s voice. 

    Discover what God is saying to you. (1/3 of meeting)

    Read Luke 6:46-49

    • What are your first thoughts? 
    • What have you based your decisions and actions on other than Jesus? 
    • Jesus says things like love your enemies, don’t judge others, don’t be afraid, forgive, etc. What’s the hardest thing Jesus ever asked you to do?
    • Living with Jesus as “Lord” involves risk and will always take you outside of your comfort zone. Why? 
    • Obeying Jesus opens the door to Kingdom living, which means we bring the reality of Heaven to earth. What could that look like in your day to day life? 

    Go do it! (1/3 of meeting)

    • What area of your life feels nearly impossible to give Jesus control right now? 
    • How is God calling you to a deeper level of trust? Break into pairs and pray for one another.