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I am asking that you lift up to the Lord my girlfriend of almost 3 years. We’re both middle-aged Christians, in a very loving and patient and kind and giving relationship, and we have a total of five children from previous marriages- two in college, two on the way to college next year and one that’s got a ways to go.

We’ve had a wonderful courtship, have centered our relationship on Christ, amazing communication and have servant attitudes towards each other. Last Thursday she hit me with quite a surprise asking for a break. It is my belief that this is much more to do with things around us- her new job, stress about her kids, an aging father and her feelings of being overwhelmed by life. As they say you cannot pour water from an empty vessel. I think she is just overwhelmed and empty and feels badly about not being able to give as much as I do. At any rate she has asked for a break from us to try to simplify her life and figure things out. I am more of a believer that you need to run towards each other in times of trouble rather than away, but I still continue to seek to understand her. At this point I still do believe that she is just scared and trying to figure things out. I still believe she is the one that God has chosen for me, and I her. Time will tell. I am a firm believer that Satan tries to tear love apart, and we have a true and pure love. I would ask that you lift her up in prayer not just about our relationship, but for her ability to remember that she must seek God in all things, surround herself with friends for advice who are believers, and that she be open to counseling to get this figured out for herself. Pray that God send the Holy Spirit into her, help to give her perspective through the stress, and realize that even in the eye of the storm God remains in control!! I would also humbly pray for guidance to not only support her, but to be able to discern what are going to be the next best steps either together or apart. Thank you and God bless you all!

Received: August 8, 2022

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Please pray for this new season of my life in a new job field and pray my time with god not be compromised based on my work schedule

Received: August 8, 2022

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I need prayer to deal with my ex being release from prison. He was there 20yrs. Praying for salvation and strength for him. We meant an talked I received some closure. I’m still feeling uneasy. Our relationship ended very ugly and we divorced. I need to keep boundaries in place an move on. I need healing from this situation and I need to forgive and method handle it. Please pray for me.

Received: August 7, 2022

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I am struggling with spirits of alcohol








I know allot of this stuff comes down to choices

And I just recently messed up my relationship due to some of these choices

And alcohol

I was making really good prgress whan I pulled into 7 Fields GE the other day

And even though I was telling myself not to

Brought home a pint of brandy

Then l text my ex

Whom I'd been making great strides with

Something I should not have

And the devil attacked me from that end too

Yesterdat I prayed warrior prayers videos for about 3 hours

And prayed them too

I will do the same today

I think its time I hide myself in the Lord

And not put myself into the temptation


I need all tbe prayer warriors I can get

This is a hard fight

Received: August 6, 2022

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Prayed for 4 times.

Ben Newton

I am introducing two charities together and pray they can be of mutual benefit. I am also reaching out to a senior executive at my company and pray for mentorship in both work and community outreach and help for a charity.

Received: August 1, 2022

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Prayed for 4 times.


I am going through a rough time - lost my job, out of money and food, and my vehicle is needing repairs so I cant drive and been stranded at home for a week now. Worried that I cant pay rent and will be evicted. Feeling very lost and out of motivation to do anything and emotionally stressed. Please pray that God shows me the direction I need to go with my life next, and the steps I need to take. I feel like something big needs to happen to pull me out of this situation and help me be financially stable and have enthusiasm for life again.

Received: July 31, 2022

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Prayed for 5 times.

Sally Roddy

Please pray for my brother’s friend. At some point during the night several weeks ago, he fell down a flight of stairs at home. In the morning, his wife found him in a pool of blood.

He’s had surgery to bind his wounds; a second surgery to relieve the pressure in his brain happened a week ago.

Any time the doctors try to bring him out if sedation to assess his brain and any potential damage, his blood pressure rises and they need to sedate him again.

Please pray for complete physical healing: brain function, memory, mobility, etc. And please pray for his wife. She tells my brother that the doctors say he has a long road ahead of him.

Thanks so much!

Received: July 29, 2022

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I have severebipolar disorder. I cannot work at all. I applied for Social Security Disability to help financially in raising my family. My application was denied. I am appealing. I pray that this or something gets approved so I can care for my family. Also pray for an end or reduction to my compulsory suicidal ideation.

Received: July 24, 2022

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Emily Ritchey

I left Crossroads right around the beginning of the pandemic and even when the church reopened I never went back.. I had so much bottled up inside of me and I couldn’t bring myself to come back. But now I think it may be time and I’m just looking for the strength to bring myself back. It’s hard looking back at the community that was everything to me that I’m no longer a part of.. I feel like I am ready to come back but I am looking for that extra nudge.

Received: July 22, 2022

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Prayed for 7 times.

Ginny Melhorn

Please pray for our 3 year old Crossroads Preschool child who has had a relapse in her neuroblastoma cancer.

Received: July 22, 2022