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Shellie and John

My husband went into the hospital a week ago today with a ruptured appendix. He was supposed to come home several days ago but the infection has set itself in deep. He now has a wound vac and has to have needle aspiration of pus pockets that have formed. His antibiotics have been changed a couple of times. Because John has currently changed jobs we do not have insurance and because we do not have insurance and we do not qualify for state insurance or charity through the hospital he has to stay in there until infection is gone. He told me today that the doctor is saying at least 5 more days. We truly cannot afford for him to be off work or the medical bills but that is not my main concern. His health is my main concern. I know without God nothing is possible. I firmly believe God will get us through any and all things. Is it hard? Right now its very hard but I stay firm in my belief. So Im asking for prayers for John mainly. Ill take prayers for me to but John is the priority. Thank you guys so much. Im so very grateful.

Received: May 5, 2020