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I prayed for this

Prayed for 2 times.


Beloved fellow workers, greetings from the church in Istanbul, Turkey.

I am so grateful for your willingness to receive our prayer needs.

Could you kindly pray for

1.Batı Baran he is only 27 and suffering from stage 4 cancer.

2.Songul’s sister is in intensive care in the hospital.

3.My mentally retarded foster son’s future. He is 33 now with the IQ of a 7 year old and has violent manic episodes needing institutional help –please pray that he gets the correct institutional care—isn’t trapped in bad institutions. And for protection from his biological relatives who are violent/ involved in crime and want to use his disability income.

4.Turkey is going through major shakings. That God protects and strengthens good forces in the country and washes out bad forces. That everyone, including the deep government sees the need for Jesus. That mentality changes to receive Christ.

There is also an attempt to change the current constitution of Turkey with some new laws--- that many say will make the country much less democratic, silencing free speech, which would also effect the ability to share the gospel.

Please pray that everything falls into place as the Lord wants.

That Turkey enters alliances within the country and with other countries as the Lord wills.

With deepest respect and gratitude in Christ

Received: May 22, 2024