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I am asking a prayer group to pray on behalf of a very dear friend of mine. He is an independent drilling contractor. Last week there was an explosion and the drill is no longer in working order. He is in the Gulf of Mexico and does not have access to funds nor does he have any living relatives except for his 16 year old daughter back in the states. I have given him what money I had but it’s not enough and parts cannot be shipped to him. He has a cut off date of March 20 to have his contract completed or he will not be paid for his work. He has pleaded with the parts company to send out parts to complete his work. His account is dormant until his return. Please pray that one soul hears his prayers and helps him somehow. This is his last contract. It needs to get completed to get paid and pay his crew. Someone out there has to be listening I truly believe that. He is a God fearing man and could use your prayers in the name of Jesus. Thank you. Amen. Amen

Received: February 2, 2021